Friday, April 30, 2010

As far as I can get down this road!

Even with the interruptions (TAKS) and minor chaos that is our everyday life, I have to say that I have found this exercise to be very illuminating. Much has been revealed and I now feel a little closer to becoming a digital native, though I think I will be navigating these waters for many a year before I can have that embroidered on a shirt.

Thanks Keira for pushing us off the digital cliff! I for one have enjoyed the ride/fall!

Oh sorrowful me!

Drat, I am not going to get to finish this final task for our project, 23 Things as it requires the use of YouTube and Podcasts. These are bandwidth hogs and I am sure the district would rather I peruse these at home but I am one of the last people still on dial-up! Therefore, it would take an hour to download something that lasts about 2 minutes!

I hope to be working Summer School this year and may have a chance to finish then when my usage will be less taxing! :-)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Troubles with Technorati

It seems like a cool site but with blog access still being somewhat blocked at our district, it is difficult to use it to it full potential. Having said that, the concept of having a search engine for blogs, etc is a useful idea.

Of course a librarian would like a keyword driven search engine....!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have found Pandora! (online radio, that is)

While digging thru the sites on our Web 2.0 assignment, I found Pandora, an online radio that plays only music that you like! The little that I played with it was blissful but at home, I am on dial-up still and fear that my new obsession will not work. After all, it takes minutes to download a song from I-Tunes and to preview anything is not worth the agony. So, I will enjoy Pandora when and where I can....and hope it doesn't take up much bandwidth! :-(

Friday, April 9, 2010

WOOOO HOOOOO!! My first Wiki!

okay, excited about all these cool techie things but not as up to speed as everyone even though many would decry me. Today my fearless leader, Kiera Elledge challenged me to make a wiki page for our districts summer reading and IT WAS EASY!!! Maybe I shouldn't have said that, cause now I will be expected to do it again....... :-P

Monday, April 5, 2010

Zoho, Googledocs and the "Ah Ha Moment!"

Oookayyy, I finally get it. And I think I will love it. As soon as I REALLY get it. Since our district will be doing alot with Googledocs starting this summer, I will catch the first inservice so that I can "surf this new wave" with gusto.

Zoho Writer and Sharepoint!!!

Our district is in the process of upgrading to Sharepoint, a REALLY useful way to access our curriculum and other works in progress from any computer. In this way, Sharepoint is like having everything (blogging, email, Office, etc) all with one login and available to anyone you give the access to from any computer with internet! Best of all worlds....hopefully....when our tech people feel comfortable enough with the service to then teach us Newbies how to use it.

It is wonderful to see that all of this productive software is available to everyone for free. I will tell my students next year about this so that when they are at home working on something, they can type it in Zoho and then finish it or print it at school without worrying about e-mailing it or bringing their flashdrive. This will go over well. :-)